Regional Executive Meeting

Chapter Reports

July 27, 2019

District 5-A


  • We have given away a trike, helped with the purchase of a wheelchair and it chased a special bed for a child with CP. 

Great Plains

I would like to start off with that I am proud to be the president of the chapter that not only has one of the most awesomest District Governors but is also home of the most awesomest Incoming National President! Whew! Great Plains has been kind of busy these last few months! We started our year off with an Oklahoma City Dodger baseball game with the rest of the district. We had three members go to the Regional Conference in Bentonville Ark. We have also built a couple of ramps, and have given away 5 Amtrykes. And our chapter definitely knows how to celebrate our country’s freedom! On 29 July we had 17 members come out to help sell happiness in cans @ Lawton’s Annual Freedom Fest in Elmer Thomas Park! Coming up in August we are doing a ramp build at the Great Plains Museum Old School House in Lawton. We are also putting major focus into our membership this year.


  • Built 6 ramps in the Lawton community,

  • Gave away 2 AMTRYKES

  • Installed the 2019-20 slate of officers and board members at our Installation Banquet May 23rd 

  • Held the 14th Annual Lou Brox Memorial Golf Tournament June 17th at the Lawton Country Club

  • Enjoyed a great evening at Lake Lawtonka with members of the Mountain Metro   and Great Plains Chapters of AMBUCS at the Mid-Summer Ice Cream Social on July 12th. Special Thanks to Randy Cloud, Scott Buckelew, Andrea Buckelew and Vic Menendez for joining us. 

  • Starting in the next couple of weeks we will turn our attention to our annual AMBUCS Pancake Day on November 4, which is our main fundraiser for the year. 

Mountain Metro

  • We are 100% on our giving in all three areas

  • From April 13-14, we had our annual Trykes 'N Tread Car Show with more than 200 cars participating and approximately 2,000 people in attendance. We presented 17 Amtrykes at our car show which were built by PTA Students with assistance by one of our PT scholarship recipients. This project culminated in a work effort of many hundreds of hours of volunteer effort and grossed more than $40,000. 

  • In May, Aimee traveled to Texas to present another Amtryke, and presented another in Duncan. She also sponsored a Miracle League game for three rural schools which Mountain Metro hosted at the ball field. More than 80 students and buddies participated for a total work effort of 80 hours. Our new slate of officers was inducted on May 31 at a banquet which was well attended by district, regional, and national officers. We were honored to have the incoming presidents of the other Lawton Ambucs chapters, our District Governor, Regional Director, National Big Hat President, and National President in attendance. 

  • June 15, thirteen Mountain Metro sisters, along with four Junior Ambucs, worked a total of 48 hours serving meals and providing assistance at their second annual Juneteenth Celebration event at the Patterson Center in Lawton. This event celebrates the Emancipation Proclamation and enhances community relations, and has become an integral part of Mountain Metro and Junior Ambucs community service efforts. 

  • July has been focused on family vacations and events. We initiated a month-long community project to provide items for the Elgin Community Blessing Box or the Lawton Food Bank. Weekly, members have generously donated non-perishable items, pet food, personal items, socks, and toiletries to be delivered to one of those locations for distribution. This is in keeping with the incoming president's platform of "Twelve Months of Community Service." 

  • August 10, Mountain Metro will join with Lawton, Great Plains, and Junior Ambucs chapters to build a ramp at the Great Plains Museum in Elmer Thomas Park. This will replace a dilapidated ramp, and make a popular exhibit in the Museum area once again accessible to patrons. 

  • September 7 is the date for our annual Challenge Trail event at the Miracle League Field in Elmer Thomas Park in Lawton. This event has been an integral part of Mountain Metro for more than 25 years. 

  • September 15, Mountain Metro will again assist Sweet Temptations Car Club with their Care to Cure Car Show fundraiser to raise awareness for Huntington's Disease. 

  • Approximately 10 Mountain Metro ladies and seven Junior Ambucs plan to attend National Convention in October. We are very proud to be Ambucs! 

District 5-B

Enid Noon

  • Current members 137

  • Spring roundup netted 11 new members

  • We have two new Big Hatters

  • We made our blue chip goal

  • We are 100% giving in all three areas

  • The Red Dirt BBQ was a successful fundraiser netting approximately $10,000.00

  • The Big Hat’s hosted a golf tournament that netted nearly $8000.00

  • And last but not least we have 10 Amtrykes on order to give away

  • All in all we have had a successful year and continue to push forward to meet and exceed the accomplishments we have made this year.

Enid AM


  • We hosted three Casino Nights and raised $3000

  • Crawfish boil. A group of approximate twenty (20) club members cooked and served crawfish in conjunction with Jumbo Food in Enid, Ok. This was help on May, 2019 and raised approximately $1,500.00.

  • In August, we are going to do a Hatch Pepper cook in conjunction with Jumbos Food.                


  • We are hosting a cookout in September, this is a chance for our club to get together and bring potential members to the club.  


  • We have two Trykes ready to be given away when the recipients are ready to receive them


  • We have built two ramps this year and have plans for two more in the works.

  • In June 2019, approximately fifteen club members and their family provided a dinner to those in need for the Enid Welcome Table. Around 150 people were provided with a hot meal.

  • Donated $250 to Enid Alzheimer's walk


  • For starters, 8 members attended the Great Plains Conference in Bentonville, Ark. 

  • Spring Round-Up, Invitation to Dinner, we had 21 in attendence where we invited previous memers and New friends and ended with three New Members. Past Nat'l. Pres. Kent Clingenpeel was our guest Speaker. 

  • We continue to Sell socks for the Nat'l. Big Hat Club an Raffle Tickets. 

  • We did memorials for two previous member's deceased relatives. 

  • We gave a $500. local scholarship to Hope Shreve who will attend OU. 

  • We gave an AmTryke to an 8th grade student on Waller Middle School. 

  • We contributed $150. to Forgotten Ministries where we have our Brd. Mtgs. at 580 Coffee House. 

  • We donated $200. to Camp Tomahawk and add'l. Three memorials for Fred Thurston and Raymond Hendrie and Mrs. Tom Loudis and donated in honor of Dewey King's 90th birthday. 

  • We informed Dist. 5B Govn'r. Anna Blubaugh that AM TOO would help with preparations for the Spring Conference of April 22, 2020 here in Enid. 

  • We excepted the challenge for the Community Blood Drive of 7/24, with anyone donating in our Name would receive 1doz. Snickerdoole Cookies. 

  • Our Charter Pres. Hazel has put together “Change Jars” to raise funds to purchase Amtrykes. 

  • Add'l. Amtryke was give to a two year old boy with Therapist Kris Edigar in attendence.


No Report Provided

District 5-C

Cowboy Country

  • We gained 3 new members this year.

  • 4 members attended the Regional Conference in Arkansas.

  • We hosted a Trek4Trykes in May and gifted 2 Amtrykes.

  • We gifted another Amtryke at Harley Davidson to show appreciation for their donation.

  • We had two restaurant fundraisers and gifted an Amtryke in July.

  • We are gifting 2 more Amtrykes next week.

Ponca City Charity Angels

  • During the Spring Roundup we signed 11 new members.

  • In May we had a Wacky Golf Tournament. We had a good turnout. 44 players. 3 corporate sponsors, and 14 hole sponsors. We made $4676.00

  • Several of us worked a fireworks stand. The goal was to make enough to pay for conference.

  • We will start selling mums next week. It is one of our biggest fund raisers.

  • We recently gave Amtryke ‘s to a veteran and his daughter that has partial paralysis. We have 2 will be presented soon.

Ponca City Noon

No Report Provided


  • one William L White scholarship to nationals $1,000.

  • one local $500 scholarship given to an OU physcial therapy student, fundraised by Bunco event with Bailey Foundation.

  • partnered with charity angels to build 2 wheel chair ramps

  • gave away 38 trykes last year. 

  • donated 5 traditional bicycles to K95.5 radio event and 2 amtrykes while partnering with rustic cuff and K95.5. 

  • 5 attendees to regional meeting and donated 1 amtryke.

  • Donnie is regional governer, Wendy is Big Hat President.

  • 2 years in a row Owasso 7th grade center hosted a fundraiser benefiting our club.

  • First Bank of Owasso nominated our club during a Halloween Costume Contest and donated $250.

  • Partnered with the Epilepsy Foundation to fund an amtryke. 

  • planning a trivia night and golf tournament in the fall. 

District 5-D


  • We are gearing up to scoop a LOT of ice cream again for the 2019 Kansas State Fair- we will have many members of the community help to fill our 150+ 4-hour shifts for the Sweet Shop over the 10-day Fair.

  • On July 13th, we held a Club Social/ New Member Orientation at one of the civic buildings in Hutchinson.  We had a great turnout, with spouses/significant others invited to share who we are and what we do.

  • Our club meetings have featured community and business leaders recently, and the presentations have drawn several guests.  We'll swear in our second new member this month during our July 26th club meeting.

Noon Network

  • Last year, we had a net zero gain in members. This year, I would like to achieve net 6 new members. In order to do this, we will strive for 12 new members.To do this, I will implement a Recruiting Committee who will focus on looking for events where we may educate and invite people to join AMBUCS. The recruiting committee will work closely with PR, Fundraising and Social, since many of their events are also opportunities to recruit. 

  • New business cards have been printed to invite members to our lunch meetings and to become a member. 

  • The Big Hat committee was responsible for recruiting and their efforts will center on Welcoming and Orientation. 


  • Total funds raised and given out to Charity in 2018 – 2019 exceeded $90,000.

  • 31st Annual Charity Golf Tournament providing fun times and raised $14,000.

  • Community Service Activities included:

  • Keeping the trash barrels empty at the annual 4 day Smokey Hill River Festival.

  • And, at the 2000 car, 3 day Lead Sled Car Show.

  • Along with the almost weekly construction of wheelchair ramps, 320 ramps & counting.

  • Sponsorship of the 4th of July “Skyfire” fireworks show for the city of Salina.

  • Volunteer gate keepers, etc. for the Thunder Weekend motorcycle rally fund raiser.

District 5-E


  • Edmond Ambucs has been the place to be the past few months as we have embarked on some serious changes in communication, gathered our community for several events, distributed Amtrykes, sponsored scholarships, had a few amazing visitors and even managed to raise some money as well.

  • Held our very first Amtryke Unite event, hoping to reunite us with past recipients, unite fellow recipients and parents to build a community, provide a tuneup service to be sure Amtrykes still fit and are in working condition, provide information about Ambucs and to Ambucs about partner organizations.  Created a great partnership with our YMCA and very happy for all of their support

  • Worked to unite with OKC Ambucs on two events, a Tryke build and a Ramp build in hopes of continued support to and with fellow clubs

  • Standardized and improved communication by implementing newsletter distribution through mailchimp and created many opportunities to do news flashes and reminders.  With the new method in place, we will now be able to create opportunities to reach out to those not reading the newsletters, improve overall involvement and knowledge of what is happening within our club.

  • Held a Blood Drive that saw many of our members donating for much needed blood in Oklahoma

  • Held a well attended Tryke Build that allowed us to assemble Trykes, but also teach some of our new members about the different models and building process.

  • Distributed 7 Amtrykes over several meetings and a delivery to one of our partner Phyiscal Therapist locations

  • Accomplished a ramp build, again, allowing our newer members to see opportunities we can provide

  • Installed new officers including Andrea Buckelew as President, Richard Spurr as President Elect, Carole Fields as Secretary and Charlotte Nutt as Treasurer.

  • Awarded Ambuc of the Year to Terry Lanham, Project Manager of the Year to Monty Courtney and Rookie of the Year to Taylor York

  • Welcomed Carmela Davis, Big Hat President, Paula Bleckly, Big Hat Secretary/Treasurer, Randy Cloud, National President, Vic Menedez, National President Elect, Dick Nowlin, District Governor, Scott Buckelew, Regional Director, Wendy Bond, Regional Big Hat Director, Donna Hingtgen, Regional Secretary, to events that we have held

  • Held two successful fundraisers, Fish City Day (collecting 15% on proceeds from the day) and the Avon Bug Guard Challenge (netting $140) with multiple Avon Fundraisers to come

  • Sponsored six very deserving Scholarship applicants where 5 were given scholarships and hoping to provide the 6th one our club scholarship (upon Board approval)

  • Had a fun social decorating our float for Edmond's Libertyfest Parade on July 3rd.  We chatted, got some local coverage from News 25 and shared pizza all while decorating our float.

  • Several members participated in the Libertyfest Parade including Monty Courtney who provided the Trailer and Truck for the float, President and President Elect Andrea Buckelew and Richard Spurr along with Patricia Mackey and Tom Hatcher waved from our Amtryke covered float

  • The future is bright for our club as we look forward to welcoming Sue Haywood to a meeting, two ramp builds, a couple fundraising events to provide 5 more Amtrykes all before the holidays this Fall.

Oklahoma City

  • We had our 11 annual Clay/Golf shootout in may and it was very successful. We gave away two Trykes and raised 26,000.

  • We gained 3 New members and blue chipped 4th quarter.

  • We gave away 30 trykes away last year. 10 at Christmas and 20 in April.

  • We are including the Assistant therapy programs in our in-house scholarship giving.

District 5-F

Air Capital

Completed Events

  • Participate in Riverfest Parade in Wichita – Friday, May 31st

  • Bike Across Kansas - June 8th-12th

  • OK Kids Day Out in Rose Hill – June 22nd

  • AmTryke Build - Saturday, July 20th

Upcoming Events

  • Social Event at Chicken N Pickle - Sunday, July 28th

  • Fundraiser at Atwoods in Andover – Saturday, August 10th

  • Old Settlers Parade in Halstead – Saturday, August 10th

  • BBQ for Veterans in Maize – Saturday, August 24th

  • Rodeo, AmTryke Giveaway - August 17th

  • Golf Scramble Big Hat Fundraiser, October 25th

  • MCC Flatlander, SAG stop, Sept 21st

Dodge City

  • The Kansas Shrine Bowl football game was held in Dodge City this year and we facilitated the Shriners Parade on Saturday, June 8th. The parade included both East & West football teams, Kansas All Star Band, Kansas All Star Cheerleaders, Shrine dignitaries, and many different entries from the 7 Shrine Temples in Kansas. 

  • On Sunday, July 21st we held a family social at AMBUCS Park / Beeson Arboretum. 

  • We are again facilitating the Dodge City Days Parade July 27th with over 100 entries expected. Everyone pays a small entry fee based on their classification and all preregistered entries are judged with prizes awarded to the top 3 in each category. 

  • We will be holding our Annual Golf Tournament on August 4th. With this being our 35th consecutive year holding a golf tournament, we have several special events during the tournament, including a $35,000 Hole in One Challenge.

District 5-G


  • Our Club has awarded two high school scholarships for $750.00. for students entering the therapy or medical field. 

  • One scholarship for $600.00 to a local PT graduate from Caddo/Kiowa Technology to pay for her board testing. 

  • Connie and Donna attended convention in Bentonville, AR. 

  • A Bunco social was held.

  • The club provided a meal for clients at the free medical clinic. 

  • A year end awards banquet was held. 

  • A donation was made to foster children for school supplies. 

  • Our annual fund raiser for candy boxes will be held the first of December.  


  • Woodward AMBUCS report on Community activities.   In late May our club installed a ramp for an elderly stroke victim with the financial assistance of SWODA.  In late May we also awarded two $1,000 scholarships to two graduating Woodward High School seniors.  On July 4th our club sponsored and ran the community “Kids’ Games”, for the 35th year in a row. Also in early July, some of our members assisted the Woodward Mid-Day AMBUCS in installing a ramp for one of their own.

Woodward Mid-Day

  • Members have been in touch with PT/OT’s in Guymon, Oklahoma.  Guymon is in the middle of the panhandle.  At one time there were 2 chapters out there.  Our hope is to reach out to area therapists and former members to get Amtrykes back in the panhandle.

  • One of our newest members, a young mother, is very interested in spreading the AMBUC life among folks her age.  Lacey already has new members in mind and is taking time to help us older folk develop new ideas to entice the twenty-somethings.  We’ll report on our progress!  We’re looking forward to Branding Time!

  • We like being visible in our community.  Some hardy members faired the heat to man a booth at our first Woodward Mainstreet Christmas in July.  It was a day long event and we chose 10am to 2pm, in hope of getting the lunch crowd.  We took the theme to heart and provided a Christmas craft, along with selling Christmas decorations.  Next time we’ll consider having our booth later in the day, 4 to 7 pm.  Our chapter is a member of our chamber of commerce and our Mainstreet Woodward group, in addition to our local museum.

  • Our major fundraiser, November Harvest, is in the serious planning stage.  A new piece is the addition of casino games during happy hour.  Please join us November 1st for wine and hors d’oerves, supper, and live and silent auctions.

  • Our big hat group is very active.  We’ve taken the national fundraiser to a new level, donating packs of our AMBUC socks to all the therapists in our area.  

  • Speaking of therapists, we’ve also started giving some therapists friends memberships, and leaving copies of AMBUC magazines at the Therapy offices.  (After we’ve poured over them ourselves, of course.)



Northwest Arkansas

Nothing exciting here except giving a replacement tryke to one of the kids from convention - Salina Bandits sponsored - Matthew Culotta.  We also gave Scott West his new Tadpole - he's been seen riding all over town!  We also were able to give a 1020 Junior hand cycle to Jumere Richardson thanks to the generosity of the Ponca City Angels.  We have 6 requests for Trykes which we will forward on to the National Wish List.  I will be speaking to the Rogers Rotary a week from Monday and hope to get them to sponsor a couple of Trykes.  We have 3 new members that are in the process of being processed through and another potential who will be attending our 8/1 meeting.  The local Kiwanis Chapter in Bentonville voted to disband and Judy Prog (from Doubletree and a member) has invited all of them to attend our meeting on 8/1.  We hope to get a few members from that - they supported Thomas Jefferson School where we have several Trykes.


Bikes and Trykes of Central Nebraska

No Report Provided

Dodge County

No Report Provided