Club Reports January 2019

District 5-A


No Report Provided

 Great Plains

  • Built 2 Ramps

  • Donated 3 Amtrykes

  • Donated $2000 to the Salvation Army

  • Donated $2000 to the Lawton food Bank

  • Supported the Lawton Chapter with their Pancake event

  • Hosted the National President, Regional Director and National Big Hat President 


  • four of our members and significant others attended the national conference in Reno, I took my son along with me to national conference this year,

  • Had a club social with significant others in October at the McDonald's home,

  • All Club social in October at Dr. Rose's office.

  • All club social in December at Pam and Rick Kerr's home.

  • Raised over $37,000 at our pancake day event in November,  Chad Fetzer was the chairman, gave away $1500 in scholarships, $2442 for Amtrykes.

  • had our annual Christmas shopping spree where we purchased over 100 gifts for 25 low income children and all their family members spending $3609.05, Bryan Jester was the chair

  • $300 in community service projects, gave a Boy Scout $100 to help with his ramp build Eagle Scout project,  

  • Built and repaired 13 wheelchair ramps total material cost of $3113.45,

  • David Towe Took the lead role in Texoma gives and raised $2024.80,

  • Jr. Rehab'd and painted our -ambucs materials trailer,

  • Had a total of eight new members join our club,

  • spent $596 on interclub and conventions and One of our most notable members barely lost the mayors race for Lawton.

  • Other than that not much has been going on but our weekly meetings where we have a guest speaker come and talk with us about their passion. 

  • We have our annual fundraising golf tournament coming up in May, Michael Towe Who has done an outstanding job in the past few years, is spearheading the project. 

Mountain Metro

  • Helped the Lawton Club with their Christmas Shopping Spree for Kids by wrapping gifts.

  • Helped Family Promise Cookie with their Cookie Sale by baking cookies, donating items for raffle and auction and by working the event.

  • Helped Carmella Davis at her Christmas Land display when she had a night for disabled children and fund raiser .

  • Attended the District social on the 27th at the Kerr’s.

  • Started meetings for the Trykes N Treads car show being held April 13-14

  • Working at the Mission of Mercy dental program in OKC on Feb 1-2

  • Amtryke races at Central Mall on February 16th

District 5-B


  • Enid Noon AMBUCS continues to have an active presence in the Enid community and is constantly striving to promote our corporate mission. We currently have 125 members and are proud to be the 3rd largest club in the country. Despite this positive accolade, we have had approximately 12-15 drops since June 2018. This accounts for about 10% of our membership, which is of concern; however, the Board of Directors is making a concentrated effort to maintain current membership and recruit new members.

  • The Enid Noon chapter has given away six trykes since June 2018 and continues to receive maximum score card points for these efforts. Exclusive of our mobility efforts, the Enid Noon Chapter has made great strides in community visibility. We have donated aggregate funds of approximately $4,000 to the following causes:

Enid Public Schools Back Pack Program - $1,050

Hope Outreach - $300

Salvation Army - $200

Night To Shine Needs Prom - $1,500

Custom Helmet for cranial deformity - $500

  • Service Projects included supplying volunteers for the 2018 United Way Chili Cook-Off and the upcoming 2019 Night to Shine Prom. The 4th Quarter Service Project is TBD.

  • Club attendance has remained steady with approximately 45-60 members attending on a weekly basis. The quality of our programming has improved in recent years and I believe that to be a contributing factor in steady attendance.

  • Our club continues to be active in continuing education and leadership training as we had seven members attend the National Conference in Reno and plan to have active participation at the upcoming Regional Conference

  • The future is bright for the Enid Noon AMBUCS and we look forward to increasing our numbers, promoting our mission, and impacting the community through our outreach and volunteerism.

Enid AM


  • Crawfish boil. A group of approximate twenty (20) club members cooked and served crawfish in conjunction with Jumbo Food in Enid, Ok. This was help on May 12, 2018 and raised approximately $1,500.00.

  • Octoberfest. A group of approximately fifteen (15) club members cooked brats and steak sandwiches in conjuction with Jumbo Foods. This was held on October 20, 2018 and raised approximately $1,500.00.

  • St. Patrick’s Day. On St. Patrick’s Day, we hosted a dueling piano event. It was attended by over 100 members of the community and provided great publicity for Ambucs and our chapter.


  • On February 9, 2019 we will hold a quail hunt and trap shoot. This was also done in February 2018. This is a chance for our club to get together and bring potential members to the club.


  • In the past year we have recruited a total of five (5) new members to the club during fall branding.


  • In the past year we have provided approximately eighteen (18) trykes. We have plans to provide an additional ten (10) trykes in the near future.


  • We have built approximately five (5) ramps this year and have plans for another ramp as soon as the weather cooperates.

  • On December 16, 2018, approximately fifteen (15) club members and their family provided a dinner to those in need for the Enid Welcome Table. Around 150 people were provided with a hot meal and the club also donated hats, sock, etc. for people to take.

Enid AM Too

  • In the last quarter we have assisted in the purchase of a helmet for an 8 month old boy, donated to Enid Welcome Table, Coldwell Banker Coats for Kids, RSVP Santa for Seniors, Youth and Family Services, 4RKids, and Heart and Soul of Africa for a total financial assistance of $1,270.  Service projects included donations of supplies to YWCA Crisis Center. In February we will make Valentines to be delivered to Veterans.

  • We operated the Kiwanis rides at Meadowlake Park as a fundraiser.

  • We held an Invitation To and presented an Amtryke at the event.  In addition to that Amtryke, we have presented four other Amtrykes, for a total of five.

  • We have held two socials, including a dirty santa gift exchange.

  • We have a total of 36 members, of which 7 will be present at the Executive Meeting.


No Report Provided

 District 5-C

  • Have attended all 4 clubs meetings at least once.

  • Visited Kay County Free Fair booth hosted by Ponca City Noon.

Cowboy Country

  • We hosted a Trek4Trykes and ACE Disc Golf Tournament in May. We gifted 1 Amtryke

  • In July we donated to Stillwater Public Schools.

  • In August, we gifted 3 Amtrykes

  • In November, we gifted 2 Amtrykes.

  • In December, we gifted 2 Amtrykes at our Christmas party. We also received a donation from our local Harley Davidson chapter.

  • In January, we had a bring a friend meeting, we have one new member and one possible new member.

  • We are seeking new members. We will be participating in the Landrun 100 by giving away Amtrykes and having a booth. We are planning a trek4trykes event late spring and a disc golf tournament in early spring.


  • Painted wheelchair ramp in Blackwell which had been built last year

  • Have given away 32 Amtrykes so far this Ambuc year.

  • Gave away 5 regular bicycles @ K95.5 FM Christmas giveaway with Natalie Cash, DJ. Also gave away 2 certificates for Amtrykes through her radio program

  • 5 AMBUCS participated in “Bunco for a Cause” at Bailey Medical Foundation in support of a different charitable cause, and to promote our night which will be at the end of February.

  • Fundraising efforts so far this year: $14,349.00

Ponca City

  • Added three new members

  • Delivered 48 food baskets during our Thanksgiving Aid.

  • Donated $3,000 toward Christmas Aid

  • Installed three wheel chair ramps

  • Build 8 wheel chair ramps for future use

  • Started fund raising for a $50,000 Pavilion to be built at Ponca Lake. Raised $5,300 in the last 2 months.

Ponca City Charity Angels

  • We had successful Mum sales this year with a profit of $4,000

  • Recruitment of 5 new Angels and one for the Noon Ambucs

  • One New Big hatter!

  • We took one tryke off the national wish list.

  • With the help of Noon Ambucs, we were able to install one ramp for a member's aunt

  • Had a fun Christmas Party

  • Recently taught some teens how to build a tryke

  • Provided clothes, an exercise trampoline, and an indoor slide to the special needs program at Union Elementary.

  • We are panning a visibility event with a 4 mile ride through town

  • We just sent out our letters for our biannual letter campaign

  • WE GOT A $75,000 DONATION!!!!!!!!

District 5-E


  • Current Membership is 66, added 3 during Branding Time.

  • We have given away 19 Amtrykes so far this Ambuc Year.

  • Gave $615 to Project 66 (local food bank).

  • Monthly evening meeting is continuing to be successful. We meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month at Alfredo's at 33rd and Broadway. Everyone is always welcome.

  • We are hosting the first Amtryke Unite on March 30th from 2 - 4 pm at the YMCA in Mitch Park. This was an event that was initiated at one of our Monthly Evening meetings and has built excitement. We are inviting our past Amtryke Recipients for a time that them and their families can gather and meet other recipients . We will have games, snacks, Amtryke tuning, Amtryke ride and enjoying time at the Ambuc Park that we helped build.

  • Plans are in the works for an Edmond Ambucs Trivia Nite in late May or early June.

  • Hade a nice article in the December "The Business Times", this can be read at:

Oklahoma City

  • The members of the OKC Chapter raised around $26,000 from there only fundraiser the 11th Annual Clay/Golf Tournament.  We are currently ramping up for this year’s tournament so if anyone is interested in participating please see me I will have flyers available.  

  • We Donated $12,000 to 7 other Organizations with similar missions.

  • We Gave $3000.00 in Scholarships to 3 deserving young ladies

  • We have Built several ramps and have more in the wings just waiting for the bi-polar Oklahoma weather to make its mind up of what season it’s going to be. We have also have had several donations that as of is moment the ramp program is paying its way. Hope to keep that momentum going.

  • Had Lots of News coverage from KFOR IN YOUR CORNER TEAM that has help our mission greatly.

  • We had the must Awesomeness Christmas ever, with Santa Claus and all. We built 10 Trykes and had a rodeo for 10 kids that put a smile on their face, a gleam in their eye and a determination to get those petals turning.

  • We are trying something new and having a once a month nightly meeting/social. We have been meeting at different restaurants, but we are in search of a permanent location so that its more consistent.

  • The chapter also invited National President Randy Cloud as protocol calls for, to a Monday night meeting and crowned him and gave him his very own scepter. The chapter keeps him inline and on his toes.

  • The chapter has also recruited one new member and is working on their second one, the dirty dozen is growing and make dreams come true.

District 5-G


  • Preparing 300 boxes of candy, chex mix, fudge, vanilla popcorn, peppermint patties,  dipped pretzels and peanut brittle for annual fund raiser.  Each box sold for $35.  Members worked over two days to complete project. Setting up tables, microwaves and chairs was done the evening before.  Connie Cummins is the coordinator for this project.

  • The following donations were given:  

    • Christmas Connection $250.

    • Red Ribbon Week   $300.

    • Food for Kids  $25.

    • Meal for Free Medical Clinic  $60.

  • December meeting is designated ornament exchange.  Member reads "Mr. Right and Mr. Left" story.

  • We gained one new member, Kelly Thomas.

  • Participated in trash pickup along Gary Freeway, Clinton.  It is in front of Highway Patrol Headquarters and the famous Route 66 Museum.

  • Held a Branding Time contest and details forwarded to National.


No Report Provided

Woodward Mid-Day

  • To date we have given away three AmTrykes.  

  • Purchased a new specialized walker for one of our previous AmTryke recipients.

  • Gained one new member during Branding Time.

  • Presented

“Mid-Day AMBUCS 


our therapists “

T-shirts to all of our therapists. 

  • Donated monies back into our community making our total donations thus far $6,472.00.

  • We had s successful November Harvest, raising over $14,000.00.

  • We will be fulfilling Leona Reeg’s Dream and hosting an AmTryke Awareness fun day on Saturday, April 6th from. 11:00 - 2:00 p.m. at Centennial Park which had also been equipped with playground equipment to inspire our AmTryke recipients to be mobile and have fun!  We will have a Tryke /bicycle ride and food and other fun activities at this event.  We envite all of you to join us!

No District

Air Capital

  • In October, Curtis Stubbs represented the chapter at the 2018 National Conference in Reno, NV, participating in the bike build, Big Hat activities and educational sessions, and the Amtryke Giveaway.  On October 20, Air Capital hosted Family Fun Day at Hope in the Valley Equine Rescue Center. Eleven Amtryke families participated in horseback riding and pony painting, as well as Amtryke riding. It was a special day for Braden, who received an Amtryke.  Air Capital members served lunch and assisted with adjustments and repairs on Amtrykes.

  • November began with a belated Halloween Party at the home of Jeff and Anita Harris.  President LP Jordan connected with the Wichita chapter of the Gold Wing Touring Association, inviting Director Kelly Felix and wife Donna to speak at the November15 meeting of Air Capital AMBNUCS.  On November 17, three Air Capital members attended the GWTA monthly meeting to share information about AMBUCS and the Amtryke program. Members of both groups look forward to collaboration during the coming year.

  • In December, Air Capital members held a bike build and Amtryke presentation.  Thanks to a generous donation from Jay and Debbie Storey and their Ashley Furniture HomeStores, Air Capital was able to present Amtrykes to six youngsters on December 15.  The mini-rodeo was hosted by the Storey family at their Wichita warehouse.

  • National Big Hat President Carmela Davis was a special guest at Air Capital’s January meeting and spoke about fund-raising efforts.  Also present were Steve and Vicki Boyer, of the Order of the Eastern Star, who mentioned donations that will be coming from their organization.  

  • Coming events include:

    • The 2019 Home Show at Century II, February 7-10, where Air Capital will have a booth to raise awareness about AMBUCS and Amtrykes.

    • Chisholm Trail Bike Ride, May 4, in Newton, with Air Capital as primary sponsor.  Funds raised will be divided between purchasing Amtrykes and promoting bicycle safety.

    • Air Capital AMBUCS Golf Scramble, planned for October 25 at Sand Creek Station Golf Course in Newton, will raise funds for Amtrykes.

Bikes and Trykes of Central Nebraska

No Report Provided

 Dodge City

  • We hosted a Christmas Party / Chili Feed for Special Olympics / Arrowhead West Clients in December where Santa and Mrs. Clause gave every attendee a bag of candy and listened to their Christmas wishes.

  • We are starting to work on a slate of Chapter Officers & Directors for the 2019-2020 year.

  • Will be holding a charity auction April 19th at Central Station Bar & Grill. Currently working on obtaining donations of the auction items.

  • The Kansas Shrine Bowl football game will be held in Dodge City this year and we are facilitating the Shriners Parade on June 8th

  • We will again be facilitating the Dodge City Days Parade July 27th with over 100 entries expected.

Dodge County

No Report Provided


  • Our Sweet Shop sales at the Kansas State Fair were very successful. 

  • We have had the opportunity to provide 4 Amtrykes over the past few months and a couple of student scholarships. 

  • This past week we participated in the Hutchinson State of the City program.  Our AMBUCS chapter helps sponsor the event. We are able to make a short presentation regarding the AMBUCS mission and our activities in the local area. 

  • In the next few months we will again be making plans for the Sweet Shop at the next Kansas State Fair, September 6 - 15, 2019. 

Noon Network

  • Thunder Weekend/ Poker Run July 2018,  (Split 32K with the Men's chapter)

    • Will be benefiting again this year!!

  • Purse Bingo

  • Poinsettia / Amaryllis sale


  • Gearing up for our biggest fundraiser March 3rd, always the first Sunday in March

    • Every year a different theme, this year is Super Hero's

    • This is solely Noon Network

  • Feed my Starving Children Jan. 21st  18 volunteers

  • Tim Tebow's Night to Shine Feb. 8th 12 volunteers

  • Helped with a banks Christmas/ New Years Party Casino night

    • 2.5 hrs / 10 volunteers, we got $500.00 

Northwest Arkansas

  • We increased our membership by 25%....signed in Judy Prog at the Doubletree and that increased our membership # to 5....maybe that doesn't impress anyone else but it was quite a sell!  The truly impressive thing is that Judy is computer-competent and has volunteered to handle brochures, fliers, etc. for us.  I've known Judy for over 10 years - she worked on our 2008 National Convention in Rogers and is now the Sales Manager at the Doubletree, where we will have our 2019 G/P Conference in late April - she has lots of contacts and has already connected us with Kiwanis (hope to get them to sponsor a Tryke for a school they support). 

  • We are working on Conference stuff....that will be talked about when we discuss it in the meeting.  Our focus right now is getting contacts with therapists and groups who do tying down activities, etc.  Special thanks to all of you who have offered to many of you know, we have a membership # of 5 and 2 of them are inactive!  It will come together with everyone's help!     


  • The Breakfast Bandits continue to raise money through the Dillons/Kroger rebate program.

  • Received a $10,000 grant from our hospital's foundation.

  • Due to the all the problems getting Amtrykes since Joe Copeland left, we decided to use the money to keep trykes on hand. Disabled kids in need do not understand administrative issues.

  • Our ramp building crew is busy nearly every weekend despite the weather. We will have ramp #300 installed in the near future.