Great Plains Region

Executive Board Meeting



Enid, OK

Called to Order by Regional Director, Scott Buckelew at 12:00pm

Invocation - Donna Patocka

Flag Salute - Dick Nowlin

Lunch served

Welcome - Scott Buckelew

Roll Call – Secretary/Treasurer Donna Hingtgen- A quorum was present by definition in our bylaws

Present: District 5-A, District 5-B, District 5-E, District 5-G

Chapters: Great Plains, Mountain Metro, Enid, Enid AM, Enid AM Too, Cowboy Country, Ponca City Charity Angels, Owasso, Hutchinson, Noon Network, Salina, Edmond, Oklahoma City, Air Capital. Woodward Mid-Day, NW Arkansas

Introduction of Distinguished Guest - Scott Buckelew

Connie Oltman - PNP 07-08

Anna Blubaugh - PNP 08-09

Kent Clingenpeel - PNP 12-13

Dick Nowlin - Black Hatter 98-99

Paula Bleckley - National BH Secretary/Treasurer

Vic Menendez - National President Elect

Randy Cloud - National President

Wendy Bond – Regional Big Hat Director

Review Minutes from 04/25/2019

Motion by John Parton -Enid AM to approve the minutes.

2nd by Kristin Farmer – Mountain Metro

Motion passed

Review Treasures Report - Donna Hingtgen

Motion to accept the Treasurers Report by Fina Nett – Oklahoma City

2nd by John Parton – Enid AM

Motion passed

Region’s 2019-2020 Budget was presented by Donna Hingtgen

Pricilla Sacks – Mountain Metro moved to accept the budget with $1000 added for Regional Sec/Treas travel to National Conference

2nd by Heike Anderson – Salina


Scott Buckelew gave a report on his visit with Bikes Trykes NE Chapter and how they have had no contact up till now. He explained that travel on the 2019-20 budget was increased to cover the cost of him and the Kerr’s visit to NE.

Scott Buckelew, Regional Director, reviewed some important dates and information.

Form 128 - Change of Chapter Officers still needed from Lawton, Wheatbelt, Hutchinson, Northwest Arkansas, Bikes and Trykes of Central Nebraska.

Submit Form 1462 - Change of District Officers ASAP

Spring Round-up ended April 30th. Recognized Cowpoke Chapters: Enid with 11 new members - President Kegan Tuohy and Ponca City Charity Angels with 10 new members – President Wendy Bond.

Lasso Winners:

Wendy Bond, PC Charity Angels (2 Lassos)

Anna Blubaugh, Enid

Chad Forbeck, Enid

Don Bassett, Oklahoma City

Blue Chip Report 4th quarter - National membership finished at 4,933 down 27 members for the year. Great Plains finished at 1,013 members which is down 24 members

IRS 990 was due May 15th if on Calendar year and Nov 15 if on a fiscal year don’t forget your Big Hat accounts and other accounts

Scholarship Applications - Total of $201,600 unofficially about 262 awarded

43 awarded to Great Plains sponsored apps for a total of $29,800

Anna Blubaugh – Invited everyone to the 2019 Conference April 23-25 in Enid. She talked about all activities going on that weekend in Enid. Registration should be $95 and room rate $89. They will have a planning meet on August 6, 5:30 PM and meet the 1st Tuesday @ month.

Magazine should be hitting your doors in the next couple of weeks.

Unfinished Business:

2019 Spring Conference - Connie Oltman talked about the conference and Donna presented the Conference Expense report. An additional expense of $74.46was added for a bill for Scott’s Tadpole and the $300 designated for Regional Wishlist will be sent to ARC for Wishlist Amtrykes from NW AR Chapter.

Fina Nett - Oklahoma City, motioned to approve the Regional Expense Report

John Pardon – Enid 2nd

Motion passed

Discussed how many comped rooms we should give for conference

Dick Nowlin – Oklahoma City motioned that the conference budget will fund up to 4 people -National Executive Representative, National Officer, Regional Director and Conference Chair

Kent Clingenpeel - Enid AM Amended it to say they would not be transferred to anyone else if they could not attend

Kristina Keller – Great Plains 2nd the amendment

Passed as amended

Scott Buckelew explained additional comped rooms could be given If the Conference budget supported it and would be decided by the Conference Chair and committee.

The Regions budget funds the Sec/Treas expenses to attend the conference.

There was discussion on what the duties of the Regional Big Hat Directors are and if the Region should fund their expense to attend the Regional Conference.

Terry Lanham- Edmond, Moved That the hotel and base Regional Conference Registration for 2020 Conference be paid by the Region.

2nd by Glenda Devinney – Woodward Mid-Day

Dick amend the motion for 2 nights

Passed as amended as a special expenditure for this year’s budget only.

2021 Regional Spring Conference

Gordon Shaw District 5-A Governor Announced that Lawton’s 3 Chapters and the Lawton youth Chapter would like to invite the Region to Lawton 28 April - May 1 – 2021.

Wendy Bond - Ponca City Charity Angels moved that District 5-A will host the regional conference in Lawton in 2021

Terry Lanham – Edmond 2nd the motion

Motion Passed

2019 National Conference - October 2-5, 2019 in Pittsburg, PA

National President, Randy Cloud & National President Elect, Vic Menendez, entertained us talking about the city of Pittsburg, the conference and what there is to eat and do.

Randy highlighted the conference activities & meals.

New Business:

· Vic Menendez talked about ramps – High impact looking for $75,000 to build ramps and wants to collaborate with Ambucs to provide ramps for free

· Scott Buckelew thanked everyone that emailed their chapter reports which were printed to save time in the meeting.

· 2nd quarter Regional Executive Board Meeting will be during 2019 National Conference .


· Region Big Hat Chair - Wendy Bond, has Ambuc socks to sell also tickets . Reminded everyone to bring unique auction items to both National and Regional conference. Send Big Hat Fundraiser $ to Carmela or bring to National. s If your chapter didn’t get tickets to sell let Wendy or Carmela know.

· National President - Randy Cloud – Talked about Ambuc operations – Jay & staff are doing amazing job for as few staff. National getting New information membership management software which will help us. Scott has been involved in helping choose the software.

Amtrykes business as usual. Proto types and manufacturing is slow but doing it right not fast. Be patient. BCA will start handling all our receiving and shipping.

Scholarships – great work just need more $ to be able to give more Scholarships. How? Increase membership. Keep doing what we do and find successors and bring them in. New members!

· National President-Elect - Vic Menendez talked about recent visit of William White’s great great niece to the Ambuc Resource Center and the copy of White’s book. As we look forward to the 100th Anniversary of Ambucs he suggested William White might come alive again!

· Chapter Awards were turned in at the beginning of the meeting and 4 categories needed to be judged for the 5 entries that would be turned into National for judging. Vic Menendez, Randy Cloud, Kent Clingenpeel and Connie Oltman headed up the teams to judge the awards immediately after the meeting.